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About Us

The General Clinic Euromedica Mitera Crete, also known as Mitera Crete, started its operation as an obstetrics and gynaecology clinic in 1997, in fully equipped facilities in Heraklion. It is strategically located, as it is minutes away by car from the main port and the airport. The clinic joined the Euromedica Group in 2000, one of the largest health care providers in Greece with a wide network of primary and secondary medical care.

From June 2022, the clinic will operate, under a new license, as General Clinic, where in addition to the services of the gynecological and obstetrics clinic -which have established it over the years and have been recently upgraded and expanded with new modern equipment and specialized scientific staff- it also offers plastic surgery and general surgery services, including high-definition laparoscopic surgery. The clinic now offers comprehensive health solutions for both women and men. The logistical infrastructure as well as the modern biomedical equipment fully meets the requirements of even the most specialized diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

At the same time, the clinic is now contracted with Greek National Organization for Health care (EOPYY), allowing the therapeutic and diagnostic treatment of patients while using their public insurance provider, thus making the quality services it provides more affordable. The clinic also provides ambulance services throughout Crete through its two modernly equipped ambulances, which are staffed by experienced and qualified personnel, covering the requested transfer with speed and safety.

Human resources

The Euromedica General Clinic Mitera Kritis, has highly qualified personnel, doctors, nurses and administrative staff. The Nursing Staff is always willing to serve and take care of you, implementing a plan for the provision of personalized treatment, in accordance with the instructions of the Attending Doctor and the clinic’s Procedures and Protocols.


Visiting hours are suspended following the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Hellenic National Public Health Organisaton, in the context of the continuation of measures for the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of protecting hospitalized patients.

There may be only one companion per hospitalized patient, who will not change throughout their hospitalization at the Clinic.

Patients who visit the outpatient clinics, for diagnostic tests, one-day hospitalization, etc. they are not allowed to have a companion, unless they are not able to take care of themselves.

The use of a mask by everyone and for the entire duration of their stay in the Clinic is mandatory.

It is not allowed for relatives to stay overnight in the hospital wards, with the exception of room categories where there is the appropriate infrastructure for a companion to stay.

Respect for the mother and the newborn is self-evident and especially during breastfeeding – a gift of life from the mother to her child. Guests are required to leave the rooms while breastfeeding.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the nursing rooms to avoid transmission of infections to the newborns.

Providing a high level of care, the safety and comfort of our patients is our primary concern. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Operating Hours


Reception and Patient Service Department

Service hours: 24 HOURS / 7 DAYS

Emergency/Outpatient Department Service hours