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Patients' Rights & Obligations

According to the law (Law 2071/Gov. Gazette 123/92 Issue a /article 47), the patient’s rights are the following:

  1. The patient has the right of access to the hospital services most appropriate to the nature of his or her illness.
  2. The patient has the right to be cared for with due respect for his or her human dignity. Such care shall include not only the general practice of medicine and nursing, but also paramedical services, appropriate accommodation, suitable treatment and effective administrative and technical assistance.
  3. The patient has the right to consent or refuse any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure to be performed on him/her. In the case of a patient with partial or total mental incapacity, this right shall be exercised by the person legally acting on his or her behalf.
  4. The patient has the right to ask for information about his/her situation.
  5. The best interests of the patient are crucial and depend on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. The information provided to the patient should enable him/her to obtain a full picture of the medical, social and economic aspects of his/her  situation and to take decisions him/herself or to participate in decisions which may prejudge hisher future life.
  6. The patient or his/her representative in case of application of par. 3, shall have the right to be fully informed, in advance, of the risks that may arise or result from the application to him/her of unusual or experimental diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The application of such procedures to the patient shall only take place with the patient’s specific consent. Such consent may be withdrawn by the patient at any time.
  7. The patient should feel completely free to decide whether to accept or reject any cooperation for the purpose of research or education. Consent to any participation is his/her right and may be withdrawn at any time.
  8. The patient has the right, to the extent and in the actual circumstances possible, to privacy. The confidentiality of the information and content of the documents concerning him/her, the medical notes and findings, must be guaranteed.
  9. The patient has the right to respect and recognition of his/her religious and ideological beliefs.
  10. The patient has the right to present or file complaints and objections and to be fully informed of the actions and results thereof.

Active and responsible participation in the patient’s treatment process implies the following obligations:

  1. Respect the Clinic’s rule
  2. To inform the medical and nursing staff of any medications they were taking prior to admission to the clinic and to cooperate honestly.
  3. Provide any examinations he/she may have performed in the past and any relevant documents relating to his/her medical history.
  4. Be understanding and calm in their interactions with staff, as well as respectful of other patients.
  5. Not to be removed from the wards without permission.
  6. Persons accompanying patients and visitors should not make noise, because patients need peace and quiet.
  7. Both patients and visitors are required to help keep all areas clean and not to keep food and flowers in the hospital rooms.
  8. The stay of relatives and friends in the wards should be short and not crowded (children under 12 years of age are not allowed).
  9. The patient must settle his/her obligations regarding the cost of hospitalization by presenting the details of his/her insurance provider or any other supporting documents requested by the Patient Admission Office and the Patient Accounting Department.
  10. The patient is not allowed to use alcoholic beverages.
  11. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Clinic.
  12. For any complaint, patients and their relatives can contact the Heads of Departments, as well as the Quality Office of the Clinic.