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Euromedica General Clinic Mitera Kritis, is expanding its medical services

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Euromedica General Clinic Mitera Kritis operates, as of June 2022, as a General Clinic after obtaining the relevant license. The building has been renovated, modern medical equipment was installed, the operating theaters were renewed, three new departments are already operating (General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Internal Medicine), while the health services provided are constantly being enriched. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, which has been the cornerstone of the clinic, is kept intact, while Mitera Kritis has now contracted with EOPPY (National Organisation for the Provision of Health Services).

Euromedica Mitera Kritis now operates as a General Clinic. What does this mean practically for the Clinic and its services, what new does it offer to patients?

This is a significant change for the clinic, a new chapter. From the summer of 2022, after obtaining the new license, we operate as a General Clinic and can provide a wide range of health services, from diagnosis to hospitalization for all ailments. Of course, this does not mean that we are abandoning the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department. Quite the opposite. The clinic is upgrading the entire spectrum of services. We have proceeded in building renovation, in a way that incorporates modern specifications. We’ve replaced the medical equipment with new, state-of-the-art. Our operating theaters and patient rooms have been renovated, outpatient clinics and clinical laboratories have been modernised, we have introduced new departments and we are still underway. Everything in the clinic, from the common areas, the rooms, the operating theaters are changing and adapting to the modern standards of operation, hygiene and safety, reflecting the new corporate identity of Euromedica.

In this context, in addition to the obstetrics and gynecology departments, 3 other departments are already operating. The Department of General Surgery, including high-definition laparoscopic surgery, where we can undertake a multitude of cases and even cancer surgeries. The Department of Plastic Surgery, in which all reconstructive and aesthetic operations are carried out, and the Internal Medicine Department, with which specialized pathologists collaborate in the management of all serious diseases of their specialty, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. Our plans include the operation of other departments, while additional high-tech equipment has already been ordered and will soon be installed. I would like to add here that the Clinic operates the most modern and specialized Breast Department in Crete. From the simplest to the most complex examinations and medical procedures, such as full digital breast examination, high-resolution ultrasounds, elastography, magnetic resonance imaging, biopsies of breast lesions using ultrasound, biopsy of lesions with a robotic mammogram system without surgery and removal of lesions with a vacuum system without surgery, are carried out at the Department. The Breast Department is supported by specialized surgeons, who undertake all invasive procedures, both for the treatment of pathological conditions and for aesthetic restoration.

The clinic also has a Neonatal Department, providing specialized examinations, such as ultrasounds of newborn hips, hearing tests for metabolic diseases, etc. Very well trained and specialized doctors are employed in all the departments and laboratories of the clinic. Very soon, the Orthopedic Department will be operational, in which all modern orthopedic operations will be able to be carried out, while X-ray and MRI laboratories will also be operational. These departments will contribute significantly to the development of the Clinic, providing high quality services to all.

You recently announced the Clinic’s collaboration with EOPYY. In other words, will you accept all patients, even for deliveries, with EOPPY coverage?

Exactly. The clinic now has a contract with EOPYY, which allows patients to have tests performed in the outpatient clinics and laboratories, as well as hospitalization, including childbirth and gynecological examinations, using the public insurance, i.e. EOPYY and also other insurance funds. Our goal is for the clinic to be accessible to everyone. We have agreed with EOPYY for all our medical procedures, while we are also discussing cooperation with other insurance funds. Euromedica Mitera Crete is a clinic that started its operations about 25 years ago. In 2000 it was absorbed by the Euromedica group and today it has established itself as the largest private obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Crete with the most deliveries of all public hospitals and private clinics on the island.

The clinic aims to evolve into the largest private General Clinic on the island, with a high level of medical services and patient care. In this process, we want the local community with us. Because, as you well know, the Clinic may be located in Heraklion, but it is aimed at the whole of Crete in general. In fact, investing in the high tourist profile of our country, the Clinic has created a special Department for International Patients to properly serve tourists and ensure their safe return to their place of residence. The clinic’s ambulances can meet needs all over the island and this gives us a competitive advantage, particularly strong during the period of increased demand, in the summer months. Euromedica, as you know, also operates two modern diagnostic centers in Crete, Euromedica in Heraklion and Euromedica Egkefalos in Rethymno. The collaboration of the two diagnostic centers and our Clinic strengthens the diagnosis and treatment coverage of the island.

What are your goals for the future?

Our goal is to consistently offer high-quality services and respond to patient needs in the best possible way. And we achieve this not only with the continuous upgrading of the building and medical equipment but also with the specialized team of doctors, the appropriate partnerships and the experienced nursing staff.

In medicine, as we all know, developments never stop. The same stands in our clinic, which closely monitors the progress in health services and applies it, according to the model of the best international practices. Our clinic, a member of Euromedica group, one of the largest private health service providers, seeks to be for the residents of Crete, not only a reliable solution for their medical problem but also the best choice.