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Maternal Medicine

Nine prenatal diagnostic services are offered by the General Clinic Euromedica Mitera Crete at every stage of pregnancy and age of the baby.

In particular, the tests that expectant mothers can have at our clinic are the following:

  • Prenatal screening
  • Cervical ultrasound & papp-A smear (assessment of ultrasound & biochemical markers of chromosomal abnormalities in the 1st trimester of pregnancy)
  • Level II ultrasound (ultrasound examination of fetal anatomy and morphology in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy with the main purpose of detecting congenital anomalies) of anatomical and morphological type
  • Fetal development Doopler ultrasound (ultrasound fetal development monitoring, biophysical profile and embryoplacental Doppler in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy).
  • Noninvasive prenatal screening of free fetal DNA (noninvasive testing NIPT / cell-free fetal DNA, cffDNA)
  • Invasive diagnostic methods (trophoblast biopsy – amniocentesis – umbilical cord biopsy).
  • Genetic tests for chromosomal abnormalities & genetic disorders of the fetus & parents
  • Genetic Counselling
  • Cardiotocography

Offers of the Department of Maternal Medicine

Taking into account the economic crisis and the developments in the Greek National Organization for Health care (EOPYY), the General Clinic Euromedica Mitera Crete proceeded to create the following offer:

Room category upgrade during delivery

For those women who undergo a full ultrasound examination at the Euromedica General Clinic of Crete and specifically:

  • the 1st trimester ultrasound scan / Nuchal translucency measurement & PAPP-A measurement and the 2nd level ultrasound
  • Doppler in combination with an ultrasound.

Regarding the PAPP-A test, it is included in the range of tests offered by the Greek National Organization for Health care (EOPYY).

The test is performed by the KRYPTOR analyser, the first FMF-accredited analyser, and the results are issued within two hours (working days).