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Department of Pathology

In the Department of Pathology of Euromedica General Clinic of Crete, the experienced and highly trained medical and nursing staff provide the full range of tests for the diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases and conditions affecting adults, while more sophisticated cases such as autoimmune or infectious diseases, metabolic diseases and hypertension are also successfully treated.

The Department of Pathology is the “heart” of the smooth operation of the clinic, as it examines and treats cases concerning every aspect of Pathology. Together with the scientific staff, our modern diagnostic laboratories guarantee the correct diagnosis and consequently the administration of the appropriate treatment for each case. In addition, the Intensive Care Unit of the clinic is well equipped and staffed with scientifically experienced personnel to ensure in-depth and thorough monitoring of the patients treated in it.

Service 24 hours a day

The Department of Pathology receives patients 24 hours a day throughout the week either in regular or emergency clinics, providing immediate diagnosis and treatment, scientific advice to patients of other or similar specialties, while it can refer patients to doctors of other specialties for the appropriate treatment of the issue they are facing.

The way the Department of Pathology operates is based on the provision of scientifically documented medical services, respect for the patient and the sense of responsibility that governs the medical community, i.e. the three pillars on which the Euromedica General Clinic of Mitera Crete is built.